I wasn't always a canner in search of fun ways to use up what I canned.  I started out posting my original recipes on my food blog Coconut & Lime in 2004 as a way to keep track of recipes I made and to share them with friends.  I am now a full time recipe blogger, professional recipe developer, food columnist, two-time cookbook author and amateur food photographer.

Since starting Coconut & Lime I have appeared in a wide range of online and print publications, webcasts, television and radio. I also started canning.

A lot.

I canned so much, I ended up completely overloaded with homemade pickles, jams, fruit butters, jelly, barbecue sauce, fruit in syrup and ketchup. I hate to waste food so I tasked myself  to finding new and interesting ways to use it all up. Which brings us to today and Can & Create. My place to share what I am making with all that I preserved.

Some facts about me:

I was on a reality show hosted by Andrew Dan-Jumbo.

I organized Baltimore's First Cupcake Camp and several Baltimore Food Blogger meet ups.

I did a live cooking segment about  bananas on Fox 45 Baltimore on behalf of Dole.

I judged the chocolate contest at the Maryland State Fair.

I don't eat: ketchup, pumpkin pie or cantaloupe.

I eat: pretty much everything else.

You can read my full portfolio here to see all of the other places my work has been published.

You can email me at coconutlimeblogATgmailDOTcom.

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